Saturday, October 6, 2007

Americans are pancake imperialists

If I had the time I'd make a slideshow of the worldwide variety of pancakes with the song it's a small world after all. (Not that that'd be very relevant but it'd at least activate the awareness of diversity of those who went to disneyworld).

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I admit it, we Europen heathens conspire against Catholics - rawr!

One of the biggest reasons why I hate institutionalised religion: The institutions can't cope with changes and threats in society and rather get people killed and desperately stick to the old traditions than wanting to change for the good of human kind... since change is loss of power and loss of flock of those in command. Or heck, they just invent an other kind of truth.

Take the head of the Mozambique Catholic Church: Mister Chimoio claims that two European countries made condoms that are infected with HIV dilebirately. The - mind me god - heathens deliberately plan to infect every non pure Catholic African who commits heathen actions like not waiting till you get married and using condoms to do that in a (what heathens make us belief) safe manner. May god screw you powermongers, but with a condom (all in a symbolic way dear upset cardinals, just as everything what can be found in the bible - all ready to be applied to and interpreted in the current timeframe).

How can the Catholic religion be 'so respectful about life' ... forcing raped women who got pregnant to give birth regardless of the circumstances and refusing an end to the life of suffering terminally sick people who beg to die (or begged earlier to do it if it ever came to this while vegetating on machines that cost so much per day that it could save a couple of dozen other peoples lives in less rich countries) ... so respectful about life at the start and the end while during the process spoiling them with the - apparently not suitable rule for the created ones - to abstain from sex till you found the true one. Dear brothers, let's be straight: it kills people. Heck, the pure theological power mongers (priests, cardinals, popes) never were supposed to have sex, so how can they know it's even worth 'waiting' for till marriage. Oh yeah, because we're divine creatures, created and different than animals. We, created ones, function differently. Heathens just want to make beasts out of us to eventually prove their point. Well, it just makes me want to eat that gold ribbonned Catholic class honors card and howl like a wolf.

An omission (failure to act) is a sin too, Catholic earthlings. 'Ich habe es nicht gewusst' got rather old. Stand up, make the rock tremble on which your church is built, time to start praying for revolution!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Two rooms (almost) finished, whee!

And yes, that's a vintage renovated rainpipe running through my house.

Has Belgium got a penis fixation?

appy prostate day everyone. Today one of our most famous monuments, Manneken Pis, is dripping to celebrate this. We also recently invited the artist Paul Mccarthy over to present his huge inflatable art ... like a huge Santa holding a dildo. After the open air museum of middelheim near Antwerp, he's coming to the SMAK in Ghent where they're tearing walls down to make 'it' all fit. Oh and we also renovated our aluminium balls monument. It finally shines again like it once used to. Don't believe those rumours about Belgium being on the verge of crumbling, we're standing proud!

The penis fixation doesn't only influence our cultural patrimony, it also penetrates our every day lives. At least that's what I noticed when I scrolled through the pictures I took during the last few weeks.

A walk through nature
(De Westhoek, well-known for bird-watching)
Meet Mozart (aka the priapism iguana) , our national pride & mascot
Gotta lube chocolate (candy shop in the main train station of Ghent)

Think global, act local. Want a sip of coke?
Contains an extra secret Belgian ingredient.
Taste the coke side of belgium!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Ever wondered what two guys do when they're out drinking in an Irish pub? Hitting on girls? Maybe, but an important soccer match was being broadcasted... so watching soccer? Nah, here's the summary of our conversation:

Ok, I'm a dork sometimes

Note to self

Avoid this place till the Gentse Feesten is all over - bad hangover from too small cocktails. And nope, I wasn't drunk, just vewy tipseh!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

House renovation

started renovating my house last january. The two top rooms should be finally done by mid-august. Tomorrow is Ikea-day, I'll go hunting for the 'Malm' bed, nightstand and drawers, 'Markör' bookcases and of course a 'Leksvik' wardrobe. I'll so need Wasa Knäckebrot to start my day.